Title Abstracting LeadersGeneral Property Title Search:

Type of searches provided include: Full, Tract, Property, Deed, Tax, Mortgage, Legal, Later Dates, Name, Judgement, Lien, Recording, Abstract & Title, Ownership deed search and Chain of Title. And these are just some of our property title search services! If your search need is not listed above, please contact us with your requirements. We are confident Ginocchio Enterprises Inc. can fulfill all your abstract and title needs!

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Key Benefits:

All searches customized to your requirements. Fast, accurate and cost effective service. We carry 1 million dollar error and omission insurance to provide our clients with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind throughout the title abstracting process!

Environmental Phase 1 Site Assessment Deed Search Reports:

Ginocchio Enterprises Inc. specializes in this type of search. We provide typed certified 50 year deed search reports for Phase 1 Assessments. Our searches meet all ASTM requirements. All searches have the documents viewed on film. All films viewed are checked for usage and for any data shown on these documents pertaining to any environmental impact.

Every search stipulates if there are or are not any environmental liens and a copy of found liens would be provided, as well as any environmental disclosures and copies of any documentation discovered showing any environmental impact.

We know of no other firm providing this level of detail.

Key Benefits:

We service Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The most comprehensive level of detail available, bar none! Ginocchio Enterprises Inc. carries 1 million dollars in Error and Omission insurance to provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind in backing our property title search services.

Pin & Legal Searches:

We provide an accurate legal description as well as correct property index number for your property assessed. Many of our clients tell us that this is often troublesome.

Ownership searches for remediation sites:

We provide these searches by determining the legal owners of the property surrounding the remedial sites.

Document Recordings:

We provide a reliable recording service for all counties.